a platform for film, video and dance by Hans Beenhakker
(9 min.) produced/written/directed
Co-produced by SK Stiftung Kultur and Stichting Cinedans
Pre Premiere (workversion) Boston-USA, Cyber Arts Festival, 21 April 2007
World Premiere, Köln-Germany, Ludwig Museum, 1 July 2007

Television broadcasts 2008/2009 by:
ARTE- France/Germany
WDR- Germany
SVT- Sweden
SBS- Australia
ARTV- Canada
NPS- The Netherlands

Shake Off is a HD recorded dance film in one continous shot. The smooth camera, not interrupted by cuts, follows an exceptional dancer as he moves magically through different times and spaces. The athleticism and bold surprises lure the viewer into a dynamic world which teeters between the impossible and the real. The dancer can’t or won’t stop dancing till he finds his goal. Starring Prince Credell.

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